International Business Machine Corp (IBM)

BY Chris Andreou

|July 29, 2021

Trade the world’s original tech titan.

What is IBM?

International Business Machine Corp, popularly known by its acronym, IBM, is a global provider of advanced technologies and innovations. The company operates several divisions, including Cognitive Solutions, Cloud and SaaS Platforms, Global Business Services, and Systems and Global Financing.

IBM manufactures and sells hardware and develops operating systems software. The company also offers business outsourcing services, tech maintenance, business consulting and financial solutions.

Research has been a core competency for IBM down the years, and for the last 25 years in a row, the company has held the record for most patents generated by a single company.

Its nickname “Big Blue” comes from its distinctive blue logo, as well as previous company rules that mandated a dress code of white shirts and blue suits.

Who Are The Key People At IBM?

Arvind Krishna is an American-Indian businessman and the Chairman and CEO of IBM since 2020. He began his career with the company back in 1990, so he knows IBM inside out. He was a key figure in IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat, the largest purchase in the company’s history.

Other key figures include:

  • Simon J. Beaumont (Vice President, Tax and Treasurer)
  • Howard Boville (Senior Vice President, IBM Hybrid Cloud)
  • Michelle Browdy (Senior Vice President and General Counsel)
  • Gary Cohn (Vice Chairman of IBM)

How Is IBM’s Business Growing?

In the first quarter of 2021, IBM’s revenue rose 1% year on year to $17.7 billion, exceeding Wall Street’s expectations of $17.4 billion. The gains were driven by a 21% rise in IBM’s total cloud services revenue, to $6.5 billion.

This trend shows the company is having success with its cloud strategy. IBM takes a slightly different approach than most of its competitors, focusing on “hybrid” cloud solutions that mix its public cloud services with its clients’ on-premise private cloud.

Hybris solutions are particularly appealing to clients who require a high degree of data privacy, but who nonetheless benefit from the cost savings of the public cloud. IBM is even providing its hybrid solution to the International Space Station.

For current clients of IBM, switching costs to move to another provider are prohibitively high, which creates a reliable revenue stream for the company.

The company’s cloud solution comprises 37% of its revenue, and with the cloud computing industry expected to reach $360 billion by 2022, IBM is likely to see continued growth in this area for some time.

Where Does IBM Do Business?

IBM is headquartered in New York and serves business in more than 170 countries. The company employs more than 380,000 staff, with 130,000 employees in India alone. Its dependence on the workforce in India has been key to keeping staff costs down at IBM.

How can I trade International Business Machine Corp (IBM)?

IBM is listed as a tradable asset under the ticker IBM on TIOmarkets MT4 or MT5. Like all other assets listed on our platforms, you can choose to long or short on IBM.

You can also trade the Dow Jones index (DJ), which includes IBM as a constituent company.

What are the best trading conditions for IBM?

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