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Facilitator: Janne Muta

Did you know that trading is a daily battle on a global stage? Every day people around the world gather at their trading computers to fight it out to see if they can be among the best in the world. Sounds tough? You bet it is! And yet so many traders think they can quickly turn pennies into millions without the right knowledge, practice or discipline.

Our Chief Market Analyst Janne Muta is committed to helping you to improve your trading. In the first webinar, he will start by looking at what you need to know and do as well as what you should never do in order to thrive & survive in this global battle. Janne will share on how to create a good and a bad trading strategy and in this process touch upon a number of issues relevant to active traders. During this interactive webinar, your questions and comments are more than welcome! This webinar will be most beneficial for new aspiring and intermediate traders.

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