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Trade CFDs on Crypto

Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum CFDs with leverage, low spreads and fast trade execution.


Zero commissions and spreads from 0 pips on our VIP Black subscription. No hidden costs either.


Make informed trading decisions and spot new opportunities with best-in-class news, analysis and training.

Instant Execution

Higher fill-rates, fewer premature stop-outs, and a significant price advantage.

24/5 Support

We’re on standby by email or live chat to help you with trading, funding, withdrawals, anything you need.

Live Cryptocurrency Spreads

Low spreads on ETH and BTC

Market Bid Ask Spread
BTC/USD - - -
ETH/USD - - -
LTC/USD - - -

What Are Crypto CFDs?

Trading CFDs on cryptos lets you buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular digital currencies without owning them.

A 24/7 liquid market

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies, or cryptos, are digital currencies which operate outside of the banking system and aren't controlled by governments. They are typically used to carry out secure transactions over the blockchain. Just like traditional currencies, these cryptos can be used, owned, exchanged and speculated on.

Markets on cryptos never close, meaning you can trade at any time on any day, including weekends and public holidays.

Why Trade Crypto CFDs

Go short or long
Enter the markets when you expect a price drop, not just when you expect it to go up.

Trade with leverage
Increasing your trade size using leverage. Leverage can increase potential losses as well as gains.

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Instant Access to CFDs on Cryptocurrency

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