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Trade CFDs on Energies

Trade oil and gas at a low cost on futures or spot markets.


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Instant Execution

Higher fill-rates, fewer premature stop-outs, and a significant price advantage.

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Live Energy Spreads

Low spreads on oil and gas spot and futures markets.

Market Bid Ask Spread
UKOIL - - -
UKOILsp - - -
USNGAS - - -
USOIL - - -
USOILsp - - -


Oil and natural gas can be traded as CFDs on the TIOmarkets MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Highly-volatile trading instruments.

Why trade energies?

Energy prices are highly volatile and affected by a number of political and environmental factors. The constant motion of prices makes energies a great instrument for day traders seeking to trade fast movements. Trading energy CFDs with TIOmarkets lets you buy or sell freely without owning the physical assets.

What affects energy prices?

Prices of oil and gas are affected by a number of political and environmental factors. The weather, political instability in oil-rich nations, and the health of the global economy affecting demand, all have a significant impact on oil and gas rates.

Instant Access to CFDs on Energies

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