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30% Signature Offer

Deposit more than 15,000 TIOx into your Signature account & we’ll gift you with up to 30% extra TIOx.

What are we celebrating?

Join us in celebrating the PURCHASE TIOx button in our secure portal. To celebrate this launch, we are offering up to 30% extra TIOx to anybody who purchases over 15,000 TIOx into their Signature account.

How can I get 30% free TIOx

Complete registration

New users need to sign up and verify their accounts by uploading proof of address and ID. Existing clients can just sign in.

Purchase TIOx

New users need to fund their account by clicking DEPOSIT. Once funded, hit the PURCHASE TIOx button in your secure portal.

That’s it!

As soon as over 15k of your TIOx enter your Signature account (this is the name of the TIOx account), our teams will be notified to give you up to 30% extra trading credit.

How much free TIOx can I get?

We are depositing TIOx credit to clients on a scale according to how much they deposit into their signature accounts.

TIOx deposited by client Bonus
15,000 - 50,000 10%
50,000.01 - 100,000 20%
100,000.01 30%

What can I do with my free TIOx?

These free TIOx will enable our clients with access to the financial markets. More than 120 tradable instruments can be accessed via our MT5 trading platform. Simply download the MT5 platform using the credentials sent to you by email upon opening your Signature account. Then start trading! Any profits earned by trading your free TIOx can be withdrawn.