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What is One Click Trading and how does it work?

What is One Click Trading and how does it work?

One-Click trading enables you to place market orders with just one click and is the fastest way to place orders.

The Default mode for order submission is a two-step process. Using the Default Mode, you first click on either bid (SELL) or ask (BUY) rate button, and once the order window opens you will then need to confirm your order. Using the Default mode, your order will not be submitted until you have completed both of the aforementioned steps.

The One-Click trading mode for order submission ("One-click trading") is a one-step process. Using the One-Click Mode, your order will be submitted when you single-click on either bid (SELL) or ask (BUY) rate button.

Important Notice:
There will be no subsequent confirmation prompt for you to click. You will not be able to withdraw or change your order once you click. Under normal market conditions and system performance, a market order will be promptly filled after submission and you will have entered into a binding transaction.

By choosing One-Click trading mode, you understand that your orders will be submitted upon your clicking of the bid or ask rate, without any further order confirmation. You agree to accept all risks associated with the use of the order submission mode you have chosen, including, without limitation, the risk of errors, omissions or mistakes made in submitting any order. You agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless TIO Markets Ltd. from any and all losses, costs and expenses that it may incur as a result of any such errors, omissions or mistakes by you, your trading manager or any other person trading on your behalf.

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