What is the TIOshield and how does it work?

Trades go wrong. That is a stark reality in the financial markets, meaning your investment is always at risk. You could be the world's best trader with trading skills to die for, and still, a trade might not go in the direction you had hoped. Or you could be new to trading and concerned that your trade will go belly up and your precious funds will be lost.

Place a trade on any currency pair with the letters TS next to it, on your platform. This automatically insures your trade, whichever direction the market moves in. If your trade goes well, you keep your profit. And if it doesn't go well, you can get your money back. All this at the cost of a small variable premium, which will be confirmed for you at the time of placing the trade.

Note: You can cancel the order and get your money back within 60 minutes of placing the order.

Here is a video explaining how TIOshield works

Important notes: