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Trainee to trader   
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Trainee to Trader

In 10 Days

Welcome to our 10-part series of bitesized trading videos that will help you learn how to trade.

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Day 1: Trainee to trader

Let’s start with the first and most important lesson that all traders should know.

Day 2: What is a trade

Let’s find out exactly what is a trade, using real life examples.

Day 3. Buy & Sell

We’ll cover some case studies of when to choose whether to buy or to sell.

Day 4. MT4

You’re serious about trading. And what platform are serious traders trading on? The MT4.

Day 5. Cut your losses.

You can’t learn to ride a bike without falling off a few times. It’s time to learn about risk.

Day 6. Walk through.

Join us as we walk through the process of getting started.

Day 7. Protect your investment.

Let’s talk about how we can keep your balance safe.

Day 8. Use the news.

Today’s lesson is a personal favourite of ours; using the news to make your trades.

Day 9. Technical analysis.

Let us introduce you to technical analysis - or in other words - using charts to trade.

Day 10. Meet Pam.

This last video is about investing your money with a money manager, so they do all the hard work.

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