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The US elections are around the corner, and there is no doubt about the impact that it is likely to have on the USD. Plan your FX & Stocks trading strategy around the US elections, today.


*Trading is risky

23 Nov NEW

Asian stocks rose Monday as investors looked ahead to quarterly U.S. economic data amid unease about anti-coronavirus curbs on business and wrangling over the American presidential election. (Yahoo Finance)

20 Nov

Biden's election win gets an important confirmation as the state of Georgia completes the vote recount and confirms Biden victory.

17 Nov

Euro rose in European trade for the third straight session against dollar as risk appetite improved in the markets with doubts over the US elections results receding and with Joe Biden preparing to take hold. (economies)

16 Nov

The US election result will likely have limited impact on China's economy and policies, as the authorities remain domestic-focused while advancing open-up.(bloomberg)

13 Nov

Biden’s win boosts the Chinese yuan, but the Trump effect will be more lasting. (CNBC)

12 Nov

Investors dive into emerging markets after U.S. election, vaccine breakthrough. (Reuters)

11 Nov

Citi Private Bank strategists predicted a weaker dollar ahead, given that a Biden administration would reduce uncertainty in international trade policy. (CNBC)

11 Nov

Citi Private Bank strategists predicted a weaker dollar ahead, given that a Biden administration would reduce uncertainty in international trade policy. (CNBC)

10 Nov

EUR/USD: Euro Hits 2 Month High On Biden Win. Less confrontational policies can be expected from Biden, optimism grows over fiscal stimulus and monetary policies from the Fed.

09 Nov

Stock markets breathe sigh of relief after Joe Biden seals victory in US elections (Financial Times)

09 Nov

Stock markets in the Middle East, the first to trade after Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. election believe he will push for peace in the region (Bloomberg)

09 Nov

Stock futures opened higher as traders took in President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. The Dow jumped more than 100 points and stocks head to record highs.

08 Nov

US election 2020 results: Biden wins presidency, defeating Trump

06 Nov

Biden gains in key states, Trump's chances are looking slim.

06 Nov

EUR/USD resumes gains toward 1.1850 as the count continues with Democratic nominee Joe Biden in pole position to win the presidency.

06 Nov

The EUR/USD made it's biggest single-day gain in 4 months as Biden win seems likely and markets expect more dollar-diluting stimulus from his administration.

05 Nov

Bitcoin rallies 4% to surpass $14,000 as election volatility fuels a surge for cryptocurrencies.

05 Nov

Stock futures jump awaiting the presidential election results. Shares of technology mega-caps including Apple, Amazon and Alphabet Corp rose more than 2% each in early premarket trading, building on a rally of more than 4% on Wednesday.

05 Nov

Equity investors like the way the US elections go. Read more

04 Nov

While the votes were still being counted the Dow Jones industrial average rose nearly 370 points, the S&P 500-stock index added 2.2%, and the Nasdaq rose roughly 4%.

04 Nov

Indexes in London, Paris and Frankfurt opened sharply lower after President Donald Trump vowed to launch a Supreme Court challenge.

04 Nov

The results of the US elections are tighter than expected and the verdict may take days to resolve. EUR/USD Rallies nervously.

04 Nov

The US presidential election shows an agonisingly close race causing Asian share markets to turn skittish and S&P futures to wobble. No clear winner in sight, yet.

03 Nov

The USD/CHF losing ground through the early North American session ahead of US elections.

03 Nov

The markets focus on the US elections and XAU/USD trades with modest losses.

03 Nov

EUR/USD has been rising from the lows on US Election Day. The currency is predicted to bounce with Biden and crash in a contested election.

03 Nov

Australian Dollar Bounces Again showing signs of positivity ahead of the elections.

03 Nov

Uncertainty over a results of the US elections could mean oil market volatility may be on the horizon.

02 Nov

US Presidential Elections jitters set in causing USD/JPY to drop sharply

30 Oct

EUR/USD is struggling to recover and the euro is under pressure amid covid-related lockdowns and uncertainty about the US elections.

29 Oct

Margin changes ahead of US Elections. Prepare your accounts to counter expected volatility. Find out which instruments are affected here

29 Oct

The second wave of coronavirus is locking the euro to the downside, traders have little time to consider the implications as the elections are set to rock markets.

27 Oct

Election news market today: Regardless of who wins this election, an increase in the fiscal deficit seems certain. This bodes well for gold and silver prices.

26 Oct

Election related risks and the lack of stimulus combined with increasing Covid-19 cases make investors careful.

23 Oct

The US presidential debate sees markets rangebound and investors tightened positions.

22 Oct

US elections news today: Reports of meddling in US elections, the markets react and EUR/USD is flashing red.

21 Oct

Yuan surged to the strongest level against the dollar in more than two years on speculation of a victory for U.S. Democrat presidential candidate

20 Oct

Gold gains while equities and dollar tumble on stimulus jitters

19 Oct

US stocks ended a volatile week with modest gains as investors sit patiently for additional stimulus from Washington.

16 Oct

US election is a major component influencing the GBP/USD

15 Oct

U.S. Dollar Drops As Pre-Election Jitters Set In

14 Oct

Opinion polls in the US elections will affect investor sentiment in the coming days

13 Oct

Why The Markets May Rally Right Before The Election

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How Will The US Election Affect The Markets?

The US presidential election is just a few days away.

With the recent onslaught of covid-19 related updates, it’s almost been overlooked in the daily news cycle. But that won’t diminish its impact on the markets once the craziest political spectacle on earth finally gets underway.

Here’s what to pay attention to in this election cycle.

Policy & Taxes

The presidential candidates have rolled out a list of policies which will affect the markets. Many of these policies will impact the dollar, such as each candidate’s respective approach to US-China relations, as well as their stances on trade agreements with neighbouring countries such as Mexico and Canada.

During the height of the recent standoff between the US and China, for example, gold made significant gains as uncertainty over currency fluctuations sent investors looking for safer bets.

As far as stocks are concerned, nothing is more important than tax policy. Researchers who have analysed the effect of elections on stock markets have repeatedly shown that tax policy was the number one driver of stock movement during election cycles.

Pay particular attention to policies surrounding corporate tax rates for the broadest reading of market impact. Lower corporate taxes tend to lead to higher company valuations.

Other policies will have a significant impact on related sectors. For example, energy policy will likely play a determining role in the price of energy stocks like Chevron (CVX) or Exxon Mobil (XOM).

Increased Short-Term Risk

The uncertainty that surrounds most US presidential elections also implies greater risk when trading certain assets. With investors seeking a balancing act between investing into the likely outcome while also trying to brace for a shock result, markets tend to see fluctuations in currency and stock prices as momentum shifts one way or another.

US dollar pairs such as the EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD are especially vulnerable to fluctuations, as are US stocks and indices such as the Dow Jones and Nasdaq.

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Trading the U.S presidential elections

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Pricing and liquidity - changing market conditions

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This audio contains 3rd party content. TIOmarkets is not responsible for any content disseminated by this provider. Do your own research before placing your trades.

Clients are advised to ensure they have enough margin in their accounts to weather the storm.