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  • What Is Netflix?

    Founded in 1997, Netflix Inc. is a leading American media-distribution service provider of internet television, headquartered in California.

    Netflix provides a subscription-based streaming entertainment service, which offers original series, documentaries, and feature films across several genres and languages. Members can choose to stream content through a host of internet-connected screens, including TVs, digital video players, TV set-top boxes, as well as mobile devices.

    The company operates through three segments: domestic streaming (within America), international streaming and domestic DVD, earning its revenue from its monthly subscriptions.

    Netflix is a constituent of the NASDAQ 100 Index, the S&P 100 Index, and the S&P 500 Index.

  • How can I trade Netflix?

    Netflix is tradable as a single asset with TIOmarkets under the ticker NFLX.

  • What causes the price of Netflix to rise or fall?

    Specific to this stock value is its subscription outlook. Subscription numbers are a key indicator because it’s usually a measure of Netflix’s future growth. The fall or rise of subscribers has the power to send the stock price flying if it has largely increased – and plummeting if numbers decline.

    Competition from its media rivals - Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ - also puts pressure on Netflix pricing, especially when we see rivals offering discounts on long-term plans, locking in customers willing to pay a discounted price upfront.

    Netflix is also influenced by the company’s geographic expansion plan. Keeping an eye on subscription growth rates in countries can be a key indicator of the company’s performance.

    Earnings reports, company news, industry news, financial performance of the wider stock market, and projected earnings by analysts are likely to have a significant impact.

    Another indicator is if Netflix outperforms the entire broadcasting sector in the markets as well as earnings surprises, which may trigger the stock value to soar.

  • What are the best trading conditions for Netflix?

    As we’ve seen with the recent pandemic, markets can be prone to large swings up or down based on economic turmoil, recovery and economic conditions.

    Trade protection: Using risk tools like TIOshield (only available at TIOmarkets) can help to protect your trades against sudden breaking news or earnings reports that may swing the markets one or another.

    TIOshield lets you cancel any trade within 1 hour to get all of your margin back.

    Execution speeds: Slow order execution speeds can lead to a big difference between the price you see when you click to open a trade, and the actual price your order is opened at. This difference between prices is called “slippage”.

    At TIOmarkets, we have some of the fastest execution speeds you can find, resulting in minimal slippage and more orders filled at the price you clicked.

    Leverage: Normally, a large amount of starting capital is required to invest seriously in stocks and indices, because only a small amount of stocks is not likely to yield the kind of results most traders are seeking.

    High leverage can greatly increase both the risk to your investment and the potential returns. If you are comfortable with a high level of risk in return for higher potential gains, you may want to seek a leverage ratio that is commensurate to your investment goals.