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Everything you need to know about trading during the coronavirus crisis

In the short time since the coronavirus crisis has unfolded, there has already been a tangible impact on the financial markets. On this page we will be providing regular and up-to-date information that might affect your investment, your open positions and, or your overall trading strategy. Keep this page bookmarked.

FX in quarantine

Latest news

This section is extremely important for our active traders. See any market closures here and real-time updates on important market news.

Friday 29 May:

The USD remains on the back foot, President Trump is expected to announce actions against China, while investors sit tight for Fed Chairman Powell’s speech later today.

Thursday 28 May:

A mixed market mood: Sino-American tensions mount, while investors keep a watchful eye over the US GDP, which is due for release today.

Wednesday 27 May:

Central banks are in the spotlight as speculation mounts ahead of next week's ECB decision, stocks jump globally, while the USD falls against its major peers.

Tuesday 26 May:

An upbeat market mood: Oil prices are on the rise as demand uncertainty offsets supply cuts, while gold regains some traction amid worsening US-China relations & a weaker USD.

Monday 25 May:

A mixed market mood: GBPUSD has been unable to recover amid Sino-American tensions, while Germany IFO Business Climate Index beats estimates.

Wednesday 20 May:

Markets stabilise & the risk-on mood resumes, pushing the USD lower, while the Fed remains in focus as the meeting minutes are due today.

Thursday 14 May:

Stocks fall as Powell, the Fed Chief, warns of long-term economic damage to the economy and to the USD.

Friday 11 May:

Non-Farm Payrolls shock markets, with reported losses of over 20 million jobs, and Brexit talks resume amid reported tensions between London and Brussels.

Friday 8 May:

The NFP data release for May is a shocking -20500K, The USD immediately reacts as US unemployment rate is 14.7%

Friday 8 May:

All positions on the Turkish Lira are now set to close only owing to extreme volatility. Clients with open positions may close however new positions cannot be opened.

Wednesday 6 May:

A mixed market mood as the USD & Yen consolidate their gains, oil prices edge lower, while investors cast an eye on ADP's Non-Farm Payrolls.

Tuesday 5 May:

Oil comeback is on the cards as prices soar amid expectations that fuel demand will recover, while UK Final Services PMI beats estimates with 13.4 in April.

Monday 4 May:

Oil prices consolidate their gains, gold struggles, while investors keep an eye on European Manufacturing PMI.

Thursday 30 April:

An upbeat market mood today as gold edges higher while investors now cast their eye on the ECB decision & US jobless claims for a fresh impetus. Meanwhile, the USD remains depressed following yesterday’s poor data.

Wednesday 29 April:

All eyes are on the Fed & ECB meetings as investors remain cautious. The USD is on the back foot across the board, while oil prices appear to be stabilising.

Tuesday 28 April:

US oil prices plunge as coronavirus fuels storage fears, gold prices bounce, while China’s manufacturing sector activity is seen expanding.

Monday 27 April:

Today sees a risk-in tone in markets amid further easing from BoJ and a decline in coronavirus cases, especially in Europe where several countries gradually lift restrictions. Elsewhere, EURUSD edges higher above 1.0850.

Friday 24 April:

The markets are gloomy after coronavirus vaccine tests disappoint, while 26 million+ Americans claim unemployment.

Thursday 23 April:

Germany services & manufacturing PMI data suffer record falls highlighting the devastating effect of the coronavirus, while oil remains under pressure despite prices stabilising. UK Preliminary Manufacturing PMI also plunges to record low.

Wednesday 22 April:

Markets are rattled as the meltdown in oil continues after prices plummet to 18-year low, with expected recovery still weeks away.

Tuesday 21 April:

Update on Oil instruments: To protect our clients from unprecedented volatility, positions on oil instruments cannot be opened for now.

Tuesday 21 April:

Margin on all Oil products increased to 4%

Tuesday 21 April:

Huge drop in oil, shakes the markets with U.S crude futures plunged below zero for the first time.

Thursday 16 April:

The USD extends its gains across the board, rising above safe-haven gold despite a staggering US economy with retail sales data plunging by 8.7%, the worst on record.

Wednesday 15 April:

The USD climbs after the Fed unleashed a huge new lending programme overnight, while oil prices remain under heavy downside pressure.

Tuesday 14 April:

Oil prices weigh on Wall Street as OPEC+ finalises deal on historic production cut, while Dow Jones Futures jump.

Monday 13 April:

Oil prices climb after major producers agree to record output cut, gold prices recover, while US stock futures drop amid worsening coronavirus conditions in the US. Most global markets are closed today due to Easter Monday, but China & Japan remain active in Asia.

Friday 10 April:

The USD tumbles following poor US data & the Fed’s announcement of additional easing , while EUR & GBP advance. Most markets will remain closed today due to the Easter holiday.

Thursday 9 April:

Tension mounts for the EURUSD, risk currencies rise as hopeful signs the coronavirus outbreak may be peaking, while oil prices also increase on production-cut optimism.

Wednesday 8 April:

A mixed market mood today: US stock markets are still rising, oil appears to be recovering, Japan is expected to sink into deep recession, while GBPUSD clings onto range as Brits await news regarding PM Boris Johnson’s condition.

Tuesday 7 April:

GBP drops as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in ICU, while the market mood is slightly more upbeat with the USD down & Gold on the up amid upbeat Covid-19 data.

Monday 6 April:

GBP under pressure following Prime Minister health scare, while oil prices uncertain as initial agreement touted by US president looks set to be delayed.

Friday 3 April:

According to the March Non-Farm Payroll report, the US economy has lost 701K jobs in March.

Friday 3 April:

USD bulls take a breather as tension mounts on the first corona-linked Non-Farm Payrolls. Analysts are predicting a loss of 100K jobs, the first decrease since September 2010.

Thursday 2 April:

Markets in turmoil: Nearly a million coronavirus cases, US jobless claims could top 5 million, while markets predict a loss of 100K jobs in Friday’s NFP result.

Tuesday 31 March:

The oil industry sees a historical fall in demand as crude oil prices plummet while the world is in lockdown.

Monday 30 March:

USD takes back the reigns as coronavirus fears mount, while oil prices slump.

Friday 27 March:

US and European equity futures drop, while Treasuries pushed higher as investors weigh up strengthening stimulus efforts across the globe.

Thursday 26 March:

US Initial Jobless Claims: A record 3.3 million people filed unemployment claims last week as global outbreak wipes US economy.

Thursday 26 March:

EURUSD gains nearly 35% of recent sell-off; while markets brace for US jobless claims

Tuesday 24 March:

Gold surges above $1,600 amid the Fed's flooding, upbeat market mood.

Monday 23 March:

UK in Lockdown: In an attempt to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Boris Johnson issues a stay-at-home order.

Monday 23 March:

Fed announces economic relief of up to $300bn in new financing as a last resort lender and buyer. USD falls as a result of the announcement.

Thursday 19 March:

Regulatory ban has been issued on Spanish Index Swaps. ESP35 is now on close only for open positions.

Friday 13 March:

CME suspends its trading floor. Trading continues however low liquidity is cautioned.


Audio content providing you the most important information for navigating turbulent markets.

Trading Over The Pandemic: Thoughts & Perspective

When: Monday 30th March at 1700 GMT

Description: TIOmarkets Chief Dealer David Hannigan offers some insights on the global outbreak & trading market volatility.

Facilitator: David Hannigan is a graduate of the Cass Business School, Dave's career began with Credit Suisse as an Equity Options Trader on the London Stock Exchange, before moving into the world of FX with Chemical Bank and Citibank. 1994 saw him join National Australia Bank, first as a Senior Dealer, then Senior Vice President and Chief Dealer.


Our professional traders advise clients of all experience levels how to navigate the corona crisis

Entry & exit levels with the use of simple, technical indicators

Description: Join David Hannigan in this insightful webinar as he explains entry & exit levels with the use of simple, technical indicators.

Facilitator: David Hannigan is a graduate of the Cass Business School, Dave's career began with Credit Suisse as an Equity Options Trader on the London Stock Exchange, before moving into the world of FX with Chemical Bank and Citibank. 1994 saw him join National Australia Bank, first as a Senior Dealer, then Senior Vice President and Chief Dealer.

Pricing and liquidity - changing market conditions

Description: Join this webinar to learn where pricing & liquidity is sourced while we also uncover a few pricing myths.

Facilitator: David Hannigan is a graduate of the Cass Business School, Dave's career began with Credit Suisse as an Equity Options Trader on the London Stock Exchange, before moving into the world of FX with Chemical Bank and Citibank. 1994 saw him join National Australia Bank, first as a Senior Dealer, then Senior Vice President and Chief Dealer.

Trading Around The News

Facilitator: David Hannigan is a graduate of the Cass Business School, Dave's career began with Credit Suisse as an Equity Options Trader on the London Stock Exchange, before moving into the world of FX with Chemical Bank and Citibank. 1994 saw him join National Australia Bank, first as a Senior Dealer, then Senior Vice President and Chief Dealer.

Managing risk over the pandemic

Facilitator: David Hannigan is a graduate of the Cass Business School, Dave's career began with Credit Suisse as an Equity Options Trader on the London Stock Exchange, before moving into the world of FX with Chemical Bank and Citibank. 1994 saw him join National Australia Bank, first as a Senior Dealer, then Senior Vice President and Chief Dealer.

CORONAVIRUS: How to trade forex during hyper volatility

When: Wednesday 25th March at 1600 GMT

Description: The markets are extremely volatile and behaving in ways that market analysts rarely see. It is a period of great instability that could provide opportunities for great profit and for great loss. Never has it been more important to have a secure trading strategy. Join our professional trader Dapo Bently to take guidance on how to navigate the volatile markets in this upbeat, enjoyable trading seminar.

Facilitator: Dapo Bently is a professional trader who has been sharing his trading knowledge and experience with beginner to advanced traders around the world for nearly 10 years. His upbeat and layman style of relaying complex information makes learning FX easy and fun.

Trading around Covid19 with TIOmarkets

Kevin is an experienced financial trader & entrepreneur. He has both traded and worked the financial markets for over a decade, specialising in trading strategies, risk/money management and psychology & mindset. Kevin is a qualified technical analyst with expertise in trend-following. He is extremely passionate about self-development, the financial markets and data-analytics.

Thought leadership

How industry leaders navigating the crisis?

Manmohan Singh

Manmohan is an entrepreneur, strategist, founder and board member of multiple successful financial companies throughout Asia and Europe.

Show Interview

We asked Manmohan:

1. What has shocked you about the corona crisis?

Manmohan: This is not related to the markets but it’s shocking to see how fragile life is and how fragile we are as humans . Despite all our intellect and greatness , a tiny organism has brought the world and our life’s as we know to a standstill, makes me reflect on what we give our priority to in our everyday rat race . The world been talking about climate change , pollution and etc but hardly anything we did had an impact and I guess Mother Nature said , let me fix it !!! Now we are seeing less pollution , improved social interactions between families and neighbours and we are finally becoming humans again . As for the markets , markets are doing exactly as expected and proves that has humans, we are nothing but a huge herd and herd mentality prevails.

2. How do you anticipate the markets will cope with closures?

Manmohan: In my mind we have not seen the bottom yet , closures will impact the market in ways we have not seen ever before. People are in fear and the ones that run the large hedge funds, banks and etc are no different than us.. they are people and they have same fears as we do … so the market now is fear driven and until there is no clear cure to this virus.. I sense the markets will continue to be reactive as we have seen in the past weeks.. no amount of government interventions are gonna help.. all it will do is buy us time and which in not necessarily a bad thing as time is what we need to get over this curve ball.

3. Who do you see as benefiting from this crisis?

Manmohan: From markets perspective and without singling out any industry, I would say smart investors who understand value investing and long term investing will benefit big coming out of this crisis . Soon it’s gonna be time to pick up a lot of investments at major discounts if you have the patience to wait this out for a while. As for day traders, the winners are gonna be those that have well equipped themselves with knowledge and are able to sustain the volatility of the big swings we have daily and plan their entries into the market while following the overall trend . Reaction without knowledge will hurt traders , so don’t react, keep RISK MANAGEMENT on TOP of your mind as you need to understand it’s a volatile time and if you do the above, I have seen some day traders winning and thriving in the current situation.

4. What advice would you give to market participants?

Manmohan: Stay vigilant of course, make sure if you gonna day trader the markets, you have sufficient margins to sustain the volatility, risk management and protecting equity will be key .. wait and don’t rush , look for good entries and stay in the trend… don’t try to predict the market, no one ever successfully do that for long periods of time… key take always will be, have sufficient equity , take smaller trades to work with equity you have to sustain large volatility, stay with the trend.

Charlotte Day - Creative Director – Contentworks Agency

Charlotte is a senior content marketing strategist responsible for a number of high profile brands under her company Contentworks. A content marketing thought leader, she has 1000+ articles published and frequently speaks at events, podcasts and webinars. Her success lies within her ability to take complex subjects like blockchain and forex and turn them into engaging and educational talking points. Creative Director at

Show Interview

How have financial content providers been impacted by #socialdistancing?

What’s your top tip to partners who use social channels when in quarantine?

What trends are emerging as a result of this crisis?

What advice would you give to FX companies in terms of their message to their clients?

Francesc Riverola - Co-founder and the President of FXStreet

Francesc Riverola is the co-founder and the President of FXStreet. FXStreet is a leading source for reliable news and real-time forex.

Show Interview

Kicking off our ‘FX in Quarantine’ series, we chat to a key player in the inception of the online forex industry, FXStreet’s Founder Francesc Riverola.

Loukas Stylianou - COO | Partner of 120 ADVERTISING

Loukas has 10 years of experience in global marketing with an emphasis in the finance industry. He has held key managerial positions and led the marketing efforts of some of the biggest brokers globally. In 2014 he founded and is currently leading one of the most successful marketing agencies specialising in finance. 120 ADVERTISING, is a boutique-style marketing communications agency, serving brands and brokers globally. Furthermore, Loukas has been an advisory board member of the Nottingham Business School (UK) since 2018.

Show Interview

1. How have agencies to financial services such as 120 been impacted by #socialdistancing?

120 has been built on an online business model. Businesses such as ours, have not been really impacted by social distancing or the work-from-home approach that a lot of companies have been adopting recently due to covid-19.
We have been working fully online and offering our team the work-from-home flexibility since day 1. Therefore we have all the right tools in place to make sure that our performance will not be compromised and ensure that our clients will keep receiving the same service they have been experiencing for the past six years – nothing really changed for us. On a personal level, I have to admit though, I do miss the day-to-day personal interaction with my team.

2. What's your top tip to partners who are trying to find new clients when in quarantine?

Now is the time to bring your business online! That’s crucial in the 21st century. With a vast amount of tools available, now is the time to grow your business. Since the coronavirus first appeared and people are spending more time at home and in front of their computers we are seeing a massive surge in lead registrations and a growth in the acquisition of new traders. Therefore now is the time for all partners to invest in their efforts and make sure they are making the most of the current market conditions. Of course, they need to make sure they are in partnership with a reliable and trustworthy broker. As we said in our of our most recent campaigns, “THE BEAR HAS AWOKEN, so make sure you go ALL IN”. The key takeaway being INVEST, INVEST and INVEST.

3. What is your top tip for clients who want to get up-to-date and reliable information on the markets during this time?

Always cross-reference what you are reading. Never go for one source to make sure the market information you are receiving is accurate. The accuracy of your sources is what will define your success in the forex markets.

4. What kind of message do you believe is important to disseminate on social media during this time?

I'll be repeating what everyone says but I do think it's crucial, #Stayhome. People like nurses, doctors and all medical professionals are out there day by day giving a huge fight risking their health for us! The least we could do for them is stay home and come out of this faster and stronger.
We are lucky enough to be able to work online so let's stay safe and make the most of the opportunities that have now surged.

Paul Orford - Game Changers

Having seen the growth of online trading grow since its inception in Cyprus, Paul garnered a huge knowledge of how the industry works. As founder of Game Changers magazine, one of the financial industry’s most talked about brands, it was great to see what his thoughts were....

Show Interview

1. You've been in FX for a long time. Has anything surprised you about how the FX industry is coping with the covid-19 crisis?

Yes, I am very surprised how it has coped as the industry is very rigid in its thinking in every aspect – from technology to creative ideas. As a business, the owner and CEO have a duty of care to look after their employees, so I think it shows how serious it is in allowing people to work from home.

We have all had that one boss who has a seizure if someone is 30 seconds late. So working from home is a staggering leap of trust for them. How much of this decision was enforced upon them by the government is uncertain. But facing possible civil action if an employee was to become sick was probably also a motivating factor.

2. What advice would you give to anybody who is starting to worry about how the crisis will affect their lives?

Allow yourself 30 minutes of news and social media every day. Remember bad news gets clicks, and disasters drive huge traffic. So you are just going to see bad news on every website and it can actually do some good to use it as a challenge to stay off it.

If there is a cure you will know soon enough, so I would suggest that you exercise, keep a structure to your life, and set yourself some future goals. Most importantly, don't read the Daily Mail!

3. Any tips for coping with self-isolation?

I recommend reading about a philosophy called Stoicism, which is the understanding of what is in your control and what is not. The reason why people are stressed is the lack of control they have.

This will most likely sound negative, but it’s not meant to be. Once you understand that you are just a tiny cog in the machine of life, you can get a huge amount of freedom from it.

Also, try and appreciate that other people are under pressure as well, so try and hold down the moaning a bit, for the sake of others.

4. If aliens landed on earth right now and you had two things to inform them, what would those two things be?

Firstly, can I have a video interview?

Secondly, are they aware that Game Changers reach a huge amount of decision-makers and opinion-makers so advertising would be great to get their intergalactic message out there!

Clients are advised to ensure they have enough margin in their accounts to weather the storm.


Commentary and financial analysis on markets affected


Oil meltdown has investors nervous as economic reality sinks in


Oil meltdown has investors nervous as economic reality sinks in


OPEC+ oil agreement has little effect on market prices as gold steals limelight


OPEC+ oil agreement has little effect on market prices as gold steals limelight


Top 4 Trading Tips During Any Market


Top 4 Trading Tips During Any Market


Opec+, Covid-19, TRY & more: Easter Monday Analysis


Opec+, Covid-19, TRY & more: Easter Monday Analysis


Monday Market Mayhem


Monday Market Mayhem

Live Updates

To navigate you through any market turbulence


The markets have been behaving in an extremely volatile way and some indices are having to close their trading floors in order to help avoid the spread of the virus. Whilst the markets are volatile, our traders have still been able to trade as usual, bar a few exceptions. We suggest that our traders ensure that their trading accounts have enough margin to weather the storm. Because whilst there is an opportunity for profit to be made, of course, there is also an opportunity for loss.
Our traders are still able to trade as usual. They are advised to check special updates regarding specific market closures, if any, on
The markets are particularly volatile during this time and traders are reminded that sudden spikes in the market could lead to great loss. There are two pertinent ways that our traders can protect their investment. Firstly by ensuring that they have enough margin in their accounts in case of any market spikes. This will help to ensure that trades won't automatically be stopped out. Additionally, our clients are recommended to explore the TIOshield trade reversal tool which offers all clients a return of their funds in case the markets move against them. TIOshield is offered as part of our top FX subscription package, the VIP Black.
We strongly recommend that our clients bookmark the page, which is our resource for communicating any sudden market changes to our clients. We also include feature snippets from industry leaders regarding how the epidemic is affecting the industry.
Yes, this is available to all clients regardless of account type.
TIOmarkets service continues to operate as usual and our back office team will continue processing withdrawals with no interruptions. In the case that your withdrawal will be processed by bank wire, please note that any delays imposed by your local bank are out of our control. We strongly suggest you liaise directly with your bank in this case.
We continue to offer support 24 hours per day, 5 days per week.
We have created a comprehensive risk mitigation plan which will allow our employees to work remotely, thereby continuing an uninterrupted service to our clients. The plan is publicly available for view via our blog.