Trade Without Margin & Unlimited Leverage

Step into the financial markets with a broker that can exponentially amplify your profit potential. Where the limitations of your account balance and leverage restrictions don't dictate your market impact.

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An edge to separate you from the rest

Trade without margin requirements and unlimited leverage on our Standard account. Designed specifically for traders seeking the advantages of high leverage and increased trading capacity. These two enhancements can liberate you from the constraints of other brokers. Giving you the freedom to utilize all your funds to trade practically any lot size you like.

Trade without margin

With a typical margin trading account, you're required to deposit a certain amount of funds, to be used as margin or collateral to open and maintain deals. However, trading without margin on our Standard account has no such requirements. We do not withhold any of your funds as collateral when you open deals. Without any of your funds being withheld as collateral, you can mobilize all of your funds and increase your capacity to open more deals.

Unlimited leverage

Break free from capital and leverage restrictions with an account type to match your ambitions. With unlimited leverage, the maximum size of your trades is directly linked to the value of each pip and the equity in your trading account. For example, if you have $500 as equity in your account, the maximum lot size you can open would be the equivalent of $500 per pip. However, this involves significant risk, as a one pip adverse price movement could also result in a loss of your entire account.

Benefits of margin-free trading

Maximize your capital

Maximize your capital

No margin will be withheld as collateral against your open deals. Allowing you to utilize all of your funds for trading.

Maximize buying power

Maximize buying power

Margin-free trading allows you to trade larger lot sizes. The leverage you can use is practically unlimited.

Maximize ROI

Maximize ROI

With unlimited leverage and the freedom to utilize all your funds for trading, you can significantly amplify your profit potential.

How does margin-free trading with unlimited leverage work?

By introducing an innovative leverage model on our Standard account, we have bypassed the limitations imposed by typical leverage and margin restrictions.

The maximum lot size you can now trade is directly linked to the account's equity. Allowing you to leverage up to lot sizes with an equivalent pip value not exceeding the available equity in your account. This aligns your maximum practical leverage with your capacity to absorb adverse price movements.

For example, imagine you have a $500 balance in your trading account with no open deals. The account equity will also be $500, which can all be used to open deals. The maximum lot size that can be opened would be 50 lots, as this lot size has the equivalent pip value of $500 per pip.

If the price moves in the direction of your trade by one pip, the account's equity would then double to $1,000. Allowing you to open up to 50 more lots at the new equivalent pip value of $1000 per pip.

However, if the price moves in the opposite direction of your trade by one pip, it would result in the loss of all of the accounts equity. All trades will be automatically closed and the balance will be updated to reflect the loss. Spreads and commissions have not been taken into account in this example. You must factor in spreads and commissions when trading.

When trading with unlimited leverage, the potential risks and rewards can be very high. It is crucial to know the combined value of each pip of all open deals. In order to establish your capacity to absorb adverse price movements in relation to your equity.

Comparison of max lots between accounts



Per lot (1.0)


Per mini lot (0.1)


Per micro lot (0.01)




Balance in USD

Margin requirement


$0 - 999



$1,000 - 2,499



$2,500 - 4,999



$5,000 - 39,999



$40,000 +




Enter your deposit amount to compare the trading potential of different trading accounts. A typical margin trading account with another broker restricts leverage up to 1:30. We liberate you from these constraints giving you the freedom to trade with practically unlimited leverage.

TIOmarkets Standard Account

Max lots


Pip value

$ 999

TIOmarkets Spread Account

Max lots


Pip value

$ 99.90

TIOmarkets VIP Black Account

Max lots


Pip value

$ 19.98

TIOmarkets VIP Account

Max lots


Pip value

$ 19.98

Your typical broker's margin trading account

Max lots


Pip value

$ 3.00

The max lots and equivalent pip values shown for the Standard account are the practical limits of trading with unlimited leverage. The implications of trading at these level are substantial, as a one pip movement in price could either double your equity or cause a total loss of your account.

Some things you need to be aware of

  • Only symbols with a “un” suffix will be eligible for unlimited leverage.

  • No positive swaps are available on symbols with unlimited leverage.

  • A 0.5% margin requirement will apply to deals opened 15 minutes before and up to 5 minutes after high impact news announcements. The leverage for deals opened during this time will be limited to 1:200.

  • A 0.5% margin requirement will apply to deals opened from 21:00 UTC+2 Friday until 1:00 UTC+2 on Monday. The leverage for deals opened during this time will be limited to 1:200.

  • Margin goes back to your account when these time periods end.

How to qualify for unlimited leverage

It only takes a few minutes, this is how it works




Begin by registering and completing your profile to access your secure client area.

Open a Standard account


Open a Standard account

During the account set up process, select the MT5 trading platform and 'unlimited leverage' from the available options.

Fund and start trading


Fund and start trading

Lastly, fund your Standard account then log in to the MT5 trading platform to begin trading.

Trade on the MT5 trading platform

From your desktop, internet browser or mobile

Metatrader 5

MT5 is a multi-asset trading platform that includes everything you will find in MT4. Plus more capabilities and technical analysis tools than its predecessor. Including more order types and a built-in economic calendar.

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