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BY Chris Andreou

|January 21, 2022

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to forex trading and it may seem overwhelming at first. I remember when I first got started; I was looking for some great free forex trading resources to help me figure things out and learn how everything works.

Luckily for you, there are many great books, websites and tools available today, providing educational material for forex traders.

If you are wondering where to begin, or if you are just searching for some forex trading resources to help you become a better trader, this one is for you.

In this article, I’m going to share with you a list of some of the best forex trading resources available from TIOmarkets.

So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Best resources to learn forex trading

The first thing that you need to know is that the forex market is vast, varied and very competitive. You can spend hours studying and preparing for trading but in the end, it is your ability to apply that knowledge that counts. That is what is going to give you an advantage over the competition and the tools that you use can help you with that.

Trading relies on your ability to think and react to the ever changing market conditions and the tools you use provide the heads up display of market conditions. Over time, your experience will grow and your trading strategy will become even more refined.

So where do you go looking to learn as much as possible and as quickly as possible, to get started with trading?

This list of forex trading resources has been compiled to answer that question. Keep reading to discover what they are and to learn more about how to use them.

A resource of forex trading blogs and articles

The first place people usually turn to these days for forex trading resources is the internet. The virtual world is filled with articles and many are related to forex trading, but it can sometimes be difficult to know what good information is and what isn’t. However, this medium still remains one of the best ways to learn about forex trading. With such diversity of material and opinion, it can all help you become a better-rounded trader.

A simple search will retrieve an abundance of articles written by people with varying degrees of experience. The best of this are those articles written by experienced traders who share and document their knowledge.

TIOmarkets provides you with a variety of Forex trading resources to help you make trading decisions. You should definitely browse the vast library of educational articles and read more while you are here.

To begin with, you might want to read these;

What is forex trading? How does forex trading work?

This article is a great forex trading resource of information explaining the basics about what forex trading is. It’s a great place to start as an absolute beginner.

How to read a candlestick chart

Read this article to learn and understand the basics of price charts. The price chart is like a window to view the action in the market and it is a very important tool for trading.

What it takes to become successful in trading

Successful traders share common traits. This article highlights 7 common traits of successful traders. Learn what they are and adopt them.

Video resources for forex trading

In addition to blogs and articles, there’s also lots of valuable information available on video. There are some obvious choices of such sites where you can find them. TIOmarkets also has a YouTube channel and a dedicated page for educational videos on the website.

Here are just a few forex trading videos that you might find useful.

Best forex trading strategy

Learn how to go about trading and put together the best forex trading strategy to trade in the markets. The information in this video can be applied to stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrency markets too.

15 top risk management tips for trading

This video shares 15 top tips for risk management. Most traders spend most of their time looking for the best technical indicators or entry signals. But the key to success in the financial markets is risk management.

Trading styles and strategies explained

What is quite fascinating about trading are the different ways people engage with and trade the financial markets. It is entirely possible to find success with trading using any one of these trading styles. The key is to find a style of trading that suits you. Watch this video to learn about the pros and cons of each of them.

Learn about trading with live online webinars

You may also want to find out more about specific topics related to trading, to become more proficient in those areas. As well as the suite of educational videos, TIOmarkets also provides live webinars and a forex trading resource of previous webinars you can watch on demand.

If you are interested in a more hands on and interactive approach to learning, this could be the way to go.

TIOmarkets usually has at least one webinar every month and you can get powerful trading ideas and have your questions answered by someone with trading experience.

Enrol on the next webinar

Don’t worry if you can’t attend at the time, many webinars are made available on the website as a recording afterwards. VIP Black account holders also get notified by email with a link to watch them whenever they get uploaded.

Use a trading signals app to copy experienced analysts

Trading signals have a special kind of appeal in the trading community, especially among beginner traders. Because it allows them to utilize other people’s skill and experience, to follow or copy what others are doing. Since all the analysis is already done for you and the prediction has been made.

These can be a good addition to someone’s forex trading resources because trading signals can save time and potentially make you money. But this all depends on who the signals are coming from, how good they are and how consistently you execute them.

Try TIOsignals for free! You can download the app from here to get instant trading alerts. The app is limited on the trial version but you can unlock all the trading signals by depositing at least $500 to your trading account.

You can execute the trade ideas on the trading platform when the alerts come through or use your discretion and do the opposite if you disagree with them.

Take the next step and start trading with us. Register your trading account with TIOmarkets

Forex trading resources for market analysis and news

There are a lot of reasons to follow the news and do your market analysis when trading.

The main one is obvious, when a currency or financial product is going up or down in value, it is useful to know what happened and why it happened.

Further to that, the quality and correctness of the analysis will contribute towards the probability of making successful trades. I know that some traders prefer to follow their own methods and strategies and don’t want to be influenced by other opinions. That is fine and there is a lot of validity in this approach. The end goal is to become self-sufficient in trading.

With that being said, there is also a lot to learn by listening to experienced traders and other people may identify trading opportunities that you didn’t by yourself. If you are a beginner, following someone through real live examples can be a great source of information and you will see how everything works in practice.

So if you don’t have much time, or you want to receive market news and analysis in your inbox, check the analysis and news section on our blog. TIOmarkets provides market research, compiles a daily analysis and sensible strategies are used to consider scenarios and make informed predictions. Our chief market analyst is a great source of information for this.

Trying to predict what will happen next in the financial markets can be difficult. Check the latest daily market analysis in our blog and subscribe to get them in your inbox.

Forex trading tools to make better informed trading decisions

Forex trading tools are designed to support and strengthen your trading strategies and help you to predict price movements. In fact, many traders believe that the forex trading tools available to them are an integral part that helps towards their success as a trader.

Forex trading tools can be divided into two main types; tools to aid technical analysis and tools that aid for fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is a chart based approach to making trading decisions. While fundamental analysis focuses on economic and political factors that influence the value of currencies.

Then there is sentiment analysis, which shows you the positioning of other clients on the brokers platforms. This is a great tool if you want to receive an insight in to what other people are doing on TIOmarkets platform.

TIOmarkets provides many different tools, like the Forex trading dashboard to help traders make more informed decisions about opening, closing or managing trades. The sentiment indicators are just one of those many tools.

So we will start with that and then list a couple of the other forex trading resources below for both the technical and fundamental analysis aspects of trading.

Client sentiment is something that not enough traders pay attention to. It is a useful tool for analysis and it can give you an insight in to the collective opinion of market participants. You can use client sentiment to help you determine your directional bias or to find trading opportunities.

Trading platforms include chart based technical indicators and these can help you to forecast future price movements. When you download the trading platform and log in, you will have access to over 38 built in indicators that can be added to your price charts. These indicators can show you when market conditions are oversold or overbought, so you can execute accordingly.

The Economic calendar is a schedule of events that might influence the value of currencies. Some of these will be reports about economic policy and some will be data releases about the economy. Tying back in with what I was saying earlier, it is useful to know what and why something is happening in the markets. The economic calendar is a common forex trading resource for market information, used by many traders.

Demo accounts are one of the best forex trading resources

One of the easiest ways to get a feel for how the market moves and to learn how to trade is to observe live prices and practice trading on a demo account. There are pros and cons for trading on demo accounts, but they are a free forex trading resource from TIOmarkets. The main advantage of the demo account is for testing and practicing without taking any risks.

When deciding what Forex tools to trade with there is one important rule many traders go by. This is, test first with small lot sizes on a real account or practice on a demo account without any risk. Then when you are satisfied with your results, you can go live or start trading larger.

Take the next step by trading on a demo account with TIOmarkets today.


This list of forex trading resources and tools includes a lot of the things you need to start your forex trading journey.

The main reason why we created this page was because we know trading can seem overwhelming at first. Knowing what tools and forex trading resources are available to you from TIOmarkets can be particularly useful, especially when they can be found in one place.

You can start by reading the articles on this blog and on the website to learn more about trading. There are also videos you can watch to learn about different trading strategies and how you can go about making your trading decisions.

If you prefer to take a more hands-off approach to analysis and trading, you can download the signals app to receive alerts with trading ideas. Alternatively, consider subscribing to the news and analysis service to receive researched forecasts by email.

When you are ready to apply your knowledge, you can open a demo account to practice risk free. Or you can go straight to a live account and start trading micro lots from just $50.

And that just about rounds things up. You don’t need to know everything beforehand, Start trading with a reputable broker and learn as you go.

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