What Is Blackberry (BB)?

BY Chris Andreou

|January 20, 2022

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Blackberry Ltd. (BB,) the Canadian smartphone pioneer that has since reinvented itself as a provider of cybersecurity and automotive software, is now a cybersecurity firm that provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments worldwide.

It uses artificial intelligence to offer solutions in cybersecurity, data privacy, safety, endpoint protection, security management, encryption and embedded systems.

It mainly operates in two industries with massive long-term secular growth trends: cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s BlackBerry Spark software platform includes a suite of security software services made up of BlackBerry UEM, BlackBerry Dynamics, BlackBerry Workspaces solutions; and BlackBerry Spark SDK. The platform enables enterprise and independent software vendor developers to integrate the security features of BlackBerry Spark into their own mobile and web applications.

Blackberry IoT solutions also include BlackBerry QNX, BlackBerry Certicom, BlackBerry Radar, BlackBerry Jarvis, BlackBerry AtHoc, BlackBerry Alert, SecuSUITE, and other IoT applications.

Brief history

Incorporated in 1984, Blackberry is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin first launched the company as Research In Motion. However, in 2013, the name was changed to BlackBerry Limited, leading to the success of its varied portfolio of interactive pagers, smartphones, and tablets.

This year, the company is known to own approximately 38,000 worldwide patents and applications. Not only does the company hold a significant partnership with the University of Windsor in Canada to help develop and deliver a cybersecurity curriculum for a graduate master’s programme, but it also holds an agreement with Amazon Web Services, Inc. to develop and market BlackBerry’s IVY, which is an intelligent vehicle data platform.

Recent performance of Blackberry (BB)

Its fiscal second-quarter recorded better-than-expected revenue of $175 million, however, numbers are down since a year ago.

Since last year, the company’s net losses have grown by $144 million, up from $23 million. It also reorganised its entire operations, which highlights the company’s main revenue breakdown. It’s now broken down into cybersecurity, the IoT, and licensing and other.

Cybersecurity held steady at $120 million, in comparison to a year ago. It is the firm’s largest sales driver, accounting for more than two-thirds of revenue generated in its last quarter.

The IoT accounts for around 23% of sales, a 29% increase from a year ago, while licensing revenue declined from $108 million to $15 million, in its recent quarter.

In terms of the company’s liquidity, BlackBerry ended the quarter with total cash, cash equivalents, short-term and long-term investments of $772 million.

It also made $12 million in net cash from operating activities. It appears the company’s attention is on growth for its cybersecurity sector.

According to Grand View Research, by 2028, the cybersecurity industry is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 10.9% – from an estimated $179.96 billion to $372.04 billion.

Putting them in a strong position, Blackberry also recently hired industry veteran John Giamatteo as president of its cybersecurity business.

And while analysts expect BlackBerry to see its revenues shrink this year, that’s not to say that the company isn’t making progress with its connected car software offerings. Both Blackberry’s cybersecurity sector and the IoT are likely to see higher interest from investors given the interest in the ongoing electrification of the automotive industry, not to mention the number of high-profile cyber-attacks in recent months.

How Can I Trade Blackberry (BB)?

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