PAMM Trading

PAMM accounts offer a quick way to diversify your portfolio.

You can only start with PAMM once you already have a TIOmarkets Live account.
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What is PAMM Trading?

PAMM accounts are a means of bringing investors and traders together to earn from trading under a single account.

Become a Master

If you already have a solid trading strategy and wish to make some extra income, join our PAMM solution as a master. We are one of the only brokerages to offer cross-platform (MT4 and MT5) PAMM.

Trade on behalf of every investor in your account, and receive an additional percentage of funds from every investor account.

Welcome, Investor

Have your funds managed by experienced traders and we’ll set you up so that you can receive a percentage profit of all successful trades. Joining PAMM as an investor is a great way for newbies or underconfident traders to get started.

Add your funds to the money manager of your choice, and you’ll receive returns relative to the percentage contribution to the master PAMM account.

How to Get started


Sign Up to TIOmarkets

Complete some basic information about yourself and your contact details on our registration form. Make sure to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your private mail.


Upload your Official Docs

Login to your private portal and upload a recent proof of address (within 3 months) plus a government-issued ID document.


Open PAMM Account

Click on OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT in the portal and select PAMM on the drop down list.


Fund your PAMM Account

Transfer funds into your new PAMM account so that you are ready to access the portal. Minimum fee for Money Managers is USD500 and the minimum fee for investors is USD50. You will also be paid your percentage return into this account.


Log In to PAMM Portal

Login using the MT4/5 number and password that were sent to you by email. Investors can browse the Money Managers by performance and the MMs can create their offer.

Why else do our clients trade with TIOmarkets?


Trade Without Trading

Earn from forex without spending time or effort on trading.


Enter and Exit Easily

Easily switch between PAMM accounts and add or remove PAMM accounts from your portfolio.



PAMM accounts offer a quick way to diversify your portfolio.

Become a Money Manager

Traders can manage funds for investors and earn income by keeping profits from trading and a share of investor profits.

TIOmarkets offers favourable returns and a high-value client portfolio to help money managers maximise their gains.

become money

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Nader Kamal

Very good, tiomarkets is the best broker that u can deal with in the trading market. Very professional, always helping and giving the best support to their customers.


Laura Veron

You can talk to a human agent. They are quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Clients are treated in a very personal but professional way.


Charity Sims

I love how their website shows you your performance, trade distribution and opening hours for trade sessions! Competitive spreads and a little bonus too!



Just excellent! I have traded with these guys for almost 2yrs and it has been nothing but a wonderful experience.

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