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Simplify investing

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Passive income opportunity

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Risk management

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Automatic copying

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Save time

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Save effort

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Effortless investing in global financial markets

Follow and copy top performing traders

With copy trading, you can leverage the skill and experience of other traders by copying their trades in real-time.

You don't need to know how to trade or spend your time analyzing the markets.

Say goodbye to struggling, learning and the frustration of trying to make it on your own. Let other people do the trading for you.

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This is how it works

Strategy providers trade

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Our copy trading account provides a platform for traders to publish their performance and become strategy providers to attract copiers.

Strategy providers create offers to attract followers to copy their trades.

Followers subscribe

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Followers pick and choose to subscribe to a strategy provider's account to copy their trades in real time.

The strategy provider's trades are then duplicated in the followers account minimizing the time, effort and knowledge required to start trading.

Trades are copied

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If the strategy provider makes profitable or losing trades, the follower's account will replicate the results.

Followers reward strategy providers for successful trading giving both parties the opportunity to potentially earn extra income from trading.

These are illustrative figures only, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Strategy providers set the standard

With fees aligned to deliver results

  • Performance fees

    up to30%

    Calculated based on a high water mark level either daily, weekly or monthly.

    Strategy providers can earn up to 30% of their followers profits.

  • Management fees

    up to$30

    Strategy providers can also earn a monthly management fee up to $30.

    This is an optional ongoing fixed monthly fee.

  • Registration fee

    up to$30

    This is an optional one time fee decided by the strategy provider.

    When a follower starts copying their trades.

Start copy trading within minutes

Maximize your opportunity

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Complete your profile and create your MT5 copy trading account


Deposit instantly with our convenient funding methods

Copy trade

Pick your provider to start copying or become a provider

Become a provider

Earn more from your trading

Are you a trader with a viable strategy? You can continue trading and publish your results to attract followers. Create your terms, earn subscription fees and a share of the profits you make for your followers.

Open your MT5 copy trading account
Deposit from $250
Create and set the terms for followers
Earn fees and share your copiers profits

Trading is risky

Start copying

Let others trade for you

Select top performing traders to copy and connect your account to theirs. Whenever they trade on their own account, your account will automatically copy. They set the terms to copy them and can take a share of any profits.

Open your MT5 copy trading account
Connect your account to start copying
Effortlessly invest in global financial markets
Share your potential profits with providers

Trading is risky


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Trade responsibly: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing all your invested capital due to leverage.